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Didactic farm


Since10 years we’ve been taking part to the
network of educational farms in Emilia Romagna.

This is an activity that allow us to spread the importance of the contact
with nature and animals to the kids. An activity that,
in the age of digitization, is unfortunately getting lost.

Spending a day in the countryside, lying on the grass,
visiting a stall, stroking a donkey,
picking up an ear of grain and soling
are all experiences unknown to most toddlers today
but capable of generating strong emotions and, at the same time,
able to develop that ecological knowledge necessary
for greater respect of the environment and the resources of the territory.

Helping the kids to better know the cycle of nature
is the macro goal of this visit and it is achieved through
games, runs, discovery and fun.




The teaching proposal is adressed  to all childrens
from the Primary School to the Infant School.

All routes include the initial welcome,
the agreed route and the free play before the end of the tour.
The paths are flexible and they can be modified
according to the different class needs.


The Garden Proposal is structured in such a way to let the child become aware of how the vegetables and fruits come into the word and how they get  to the table every day.
During the visit it will be explained all the crops present in the farm and then there will be a focus on the vegetables. We will visit a real vegetable garden and explain that shoots are born from the seed, and that if we take care of shoots they will produce even fruits.
From theory to practice, this path includes a laboratory where participants can play the role of horticulturaslist.


This proposal is designed to make children understand how from simple grains of wheat you can make piadina.
During the visit we will explain the whole process, from the sowing to the harvest and it will be visited the land where the grain was planted. We are gonna narrate the transformation from the ear to the flour, with the presence of the various passages by looking and touching ears, whole wheat grains, husk, wholemeal flour, and so on.
This course also includes a workshop where classes can try to prepare a real piadina to take home with the help of Ida and Gianluca, the chefs of the Farm.


The proposal on animals was designed by Claudio, the Farm Factor, to introduce the children to their little friends, telling for each of them their story and their characteristics. Children will know the species of animals on the farm, discover the habits of bunnies, peacocks, hens and ducks, pigs and donkeys and will take part of one day on the farm. At the end of the visit  children will listen a record or watch a photograph with a detail and have to find out the name of the animal.

This path can also include a space dedicated to the donkey, where there will be education through the observation of this friendly and caring animal, with the possibility to caress, cuddle and look after for Dinamyte, the farm mascot.