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The farm was born in 1991 by an idea of Claudio and Ida,
driven by the need to diversify the country's income
during the crisis of agricultural markets.
Through a long restoration work, the Martelli family
retrieved the ancient barn of 1870
and the old farmhouse of the early 1800's,
retaining its original architectural features.
The business is immersed in the green of the
peaceful countryside of Ravenna and it extends for a
size of about 30 acres, cultivated with cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Claudio, Ida and Gianluca will welcome you with warmth, in order to allow you to fully taste the flavour of the countryside.
Claudio, a life dedicated to agriculture, will gladly bring you another bottle of wine or accompany you to visit the farm.
Ida, the Azdora, is the soul and column of the company. She cooks passionate, governs the rooms and is always ready to give advice on itineraries and monuments to visit.
Gianluca, after completing the catering institute in Cervia and after the experience gained thanks to seasons in restaurants and hotels, returns to the Agritourism to carry on the footsteps of his parents